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ONLINE VIDEO, Quickly and Easily and Laugh All the Way to the Bank
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Transform Your Computer Desktop intoYour Own TV and Radio Broadcasting Station
DONE 4 YOU VIDEO AND AUDIO Online Broadcasting in a Box, gives you the power to create and easily distribute your videos online
Video Websites – Your Own YouTube style WebTV site with social media features and third party video upload capabilities.
VideoEmail – Send links in your emails that connect to branded video communication. GREAT FOLLOW UP TOOL!
Video with integrated PowerPoint Presentations
Video Streaming for Websites, Squeeze pages and Opt-in landing page
Video on Mobile Devices (cell phones/PDAs) – COMING SOON
Live Audio and Video Broadcasting – COMING SOON
Change to Video Distribution to Multiple Video sites – COMING SOON
It’s Easy and We Show You How!
No Programming Required

AND THE BEST PART? !....You Don’t Have to Be a Computer Programmer or

Professional Video Producer to Create and Broadcast Compelling Video and

Audio programs that GET RESULTS

Date: 05/21/2024
From: Shay Schwartzman
RE: Effectively Creating and Distributing Video for Profit.

Dear Friend,

It’s a fact, technology can be confusing. Especially these days when there is a new gizmo for this and a doodad for that. You no doubt have heard about Streaming Video, YouTube, ITunes, PODCASTING, Mobile Video, and Video on Social Media like FaceBook, Twitter…the list goes on.
Now how can you harness the power of video and use it effectively, over a number of different mediums to effectively convey your business message and make money?
Video and Audio are A MUST and should be front and center with all your marketing and sales messages to your prospects, customers and employees
Done4You Done 4 You Video and Audio Broadcasting is your video solution in a box to PROFITABLY and EASILY integrate Video and Audio for:
  • Lead Generation
  • Follow Up
  • Client Retention
  • Referral
  • Social Media
Why Done 4 You is for You?
The Internet is FAST Becoming the Broadcasting Medium of Choice.
Think of the power of television and radio on steroids. Reach out to people, inform, entertain and compel them to take action. The internet is fast becoming the broadcasting medium of choice for many businesses
In fact, over 92% of all initial inquires about a product or service are initiated online and by far, the internet and mobile devices are the communication of choice for the vast number of your prospects and customers.
Now, I know there are different services for getting video online and streaming it. What makes the Done 4 You Video and Audio System different is that it is the ONLY solution I know of that gives you a complete turn-key system right out of the gate PLUS provides you with the latest information and expert coaching and advice to make sure you are implementing the system correctly and effectively.
Necessity is the mother of invention.
Just a few words about me and why you should take a few minutes and read what I have to say.  My name is Shay Schwartzman and I am a successful and very busy video producer in Toronto, Canada.  I have been around the world shooting and directing films since 1990, when I graduated with an Honors degree in film production.

My bread and butter is working with business-people, organizations, companies and members groups; businesses just like yours who need to get their message out to their audience, whether that audience is prospects, customers, employees, vendors, consumers. I have worked with people who work for Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, event planners, professionals, manufacturers, information marketers and one person mom and pop operations.

I understand your needs when it comes to producing and distributing video and I created the
Done 4 You System from your point-of-view. I know what needs to go into a video or audio program to make it compelling - to persuade the viewer to want or better yet, feel the need to take action.

Whatever business you are in – this is true for everyone. Here’s the formula you follow

Step 1: When you generate a lead, you want to stand out in the crowd
Step 2: When you follow up the lead, you want to make sure you are heard
Step 3: When you build rapport with the prospect, you want to be trusted
Step 4: When you sell a product or service, you want to be the trusted advisor so you get referrals.
Would you agree?
What Successful Done 4 You Online Video and Audio Broadcasting System Users Have to Say

"I listed a $400,000 home after sending an overseas client a video and PowerPoint using The Done 4 You Ultimate Video Sales and Training Center. It cut out all other competitors from the marketplace."

Gil Szabo, Real Estate Agent
Penticton, British Columbia

Profitable Video Systems for Hard to Reach Customers
Today you must be using video. Nothing today can be used to drive traffic to your website, educate your prospects, increase conversions and repeat business like video can. Video is the ultimate persuasion tool that can cut through the skepticism in today’s society. The Power of Video is Here to Stay!
Successful, smart and innovative people such as you are constantly on the lookout for tools that offer an advantage over the competition – better service, faster communication or more powerful information.

Done 4 You LogoVideo and Audio Marketing System puts the POWER of Video and Audio distribution right in your hands and will have you distributing videos online, on your website and in your emails Quickly and Easily

I looked across the over-crowded, over-hyped digital landscape and picked though a number of the video opportunities that existed and here’s what I found.
Umpteen individual applications for one thing or another such as Video Hosting, Video Streaming, VideoEmail and Podcasting sites but nothing that was integrated to work together seamlessly and from one central back-end location.
WebTV and Video/PowerPoint training tools that had to be specially programmed or had to be updated by a web-programmer.
Multi-level Marketing Video sites and applications. Yes, MLM has reached video and not only can you send your prospects, customers and subscribers your own business message but hey, why not sell them a side business?! NOT!
Free applications like YouTube. I’m spotting more and more video on website – and many of these are YouTube videos. You’ve probably seen it too but have you noticed anything about them?
  • How about the glaring ad overlay that in some cases links to other retail sites?
  • How about the related videos that distract your customer?
  • Don’t underestimate the power of YouTube to activate CADD (Customer Attention Deficit Disorder)!
  • Building YouTube's SEO credits and NOT YOURS!
Though YouTube is quick and cheap way to include video content on your site, you run the risk of irritating customer with annoying ads, distracting suggested videos and performance issues if YouTube goes down for maintenance.
Don't get me wrong, YouTube and sites like it have a place and function for you in the marketing and sales cycle but using these free sites exclusively, in my opinion, cheapens your brand image and may work against your conversion goals.In fact, I do recommend that you use YouTube and other video syndication sites for certain parts of your video and audio marketing and I teach these techniques as part of my program. But for most follow up and client retention video initiatives I recommend using original, clean videos on your own video platforms. .
Done 4 You Video and Audio Online Broadcasting is an integrated suite of audio and video tools that will set you apart from your competition…AND WITH OUR ONLINE SUPPORT; you can become a cutting-edge video and audio marketer in LESS THAN A DAY.
Done4You Use Done 4 You Video and Audio to:
Drive Traffic to Your Website
Build Trust and Rapport with Prospects
Increase Your Conversion
Develop a Loyal Following for Repeat Business
Keep Your Customers and Fans Coming Back to Your Website with New and Updated Video Information
Inform and Educate for Greater Sales
The Done 4 You Video and Audio Online Broadcasting and Marketing System INCLUDES:
*****System complete with Online training and QuickStart Videos
1. The Done 4 You WEBTV™ Video Site (Your Own Branded YouTube Style Site and Video Broadcast Center)
Now, you are in control. Why promote other Video sites with your videos when you can have your own branded Online Video Broadcasting System right at your fingertips. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can brand and have your own ONLINE TV presence.
Upload, Record and share videos or let your own subscribers upload and share their own videos
Completely customizable webpage, choose your own banners, colors, channels…
Customizable banners and advertising spaces (all with programmable URLs). Analytics let you know how many unique URLs are clicking through – GREAT ADVERTISING REVENUE POTENTIAL
Pre-Roll Video option before content video is viewed. Run a TV commercial - GREAT ADVERTISING REVENUE POTENTIAL
Searchable Videos by tags and ID number
Connect videos to Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.
Social Media style features for building an online community through video.
Security enabled third-party upload system (let others contribute videos via a password protected third party upload system. Allow your subscribers free access or programmed your site to our merchant account where you can charge $$$)
Viewers can see videos full screen
Viral Video features including Instant Video Alert System and Send to a Friend feature
Statistical and Tracking tools built in
2. Done 4 You Video Follow Up System™
The Done 4 You Video Follow Up System™ is a branded turn-key video broadcasting tool that fits into your existing email program. Easily upload or record videos via webcam into the system and then build a compelling micro site skin around the video. Program custom URL links within the provided templates.
A great and powerful video tool to follow up with prospects; connect with customers and train employees and associates.
Simply upload or record your videos through your webcam, add the video to your customizable templates and then email them.  Your receiver gets a clickable link in an email that also contains your text message.  Once they click on the link your VideoEmail opens and the video starts playing.
Send out one or a thousand. Statistical and Tracking tools built in.
3. The Done 4 You Ultimate Video Sales and Training Center™
Record or upload videos to the Done 4 You Video and Audio Online Broadcasting System and then enhance your video presentation with PowerPoint slides or images that you synchronize to run automatically with your video when viewed.

Once you create your video and slide presentation using our exclusive customizable templates, the Done 4 You System will package all the elements into one presentation where you can customize the surrounding “skin” using different colors, text messages and clickable URL links.

Send you presentation via a link in an email, embed the presentation on your website or manage and play all your presentations on your very own branded replay page.

Statistical and Tracking tools built in.

4. Done 4 You Online Radio Podcasting™
Audio is a powerful tool that builds relationships and sets you apart from the competition as an expert in your field.

The Done 4 You Video and Audio Broadcasting System has a Podcast Site built right into the system. Use the system to upload your audio files or record your audio right into the system from your computer desktop using a microphone.

The system generates a brand-able replay page for you to feature and distribute your audio programs online.

Done 4 You Syndication tools help you get your audio message out to your audience.

Statistical and Tracking tools built in

COMING SOON – LIVE AUDIO BROADCASTING. Upgrade included with all applicable Done 4 You Subscriptions. Bull Horn
5. EZ Stream Video-on-Demand™
The Done 4 You Video and Audio Broadcasting System is your video-streaming engine for hosting and broadcasting your videos. Simply upload your videos (various formats accepted) and our system will convert the video file to universally accepted Adobe Flash video format.

With the advent of high speed internet penetrating into more than half the homes across the county (more than 75% in some areas), embedding and streaming video for your prospects is now more reliable and cost-effective.

Do you have?

  • TV commercials
  • PR Videos
  • Promotional Videos
Any video that you want to stream from any website, the system gives you the tools to upload your video to our servers. The system generates a special embed code for you to copy and paste onto as many websites and landing pages you want.

Statistical and Tracking tools built in.

Don’t have a video?  No problem!  Use our built in Done 4 You Online Video Recorder with your webcam to record your video immediately into the system.
Best News
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What Successful Done 4 You Online Video and Audio Broadcasting System Users Have to Say

"Using the Done 4 You Video and Audio Broadcasting System I went from closing 7 out of 10 appointments to 9 out of 10. Prospect are already pre-sold on us when we get there. It's been very, very profitable."

Joey Trombley - Real Estate Broker and Agent
Rouses Point, New York

The Done 4 You Video and Audio Online Broadcasting and Marketing System INCLUDES:
CUTTING-EDGE Audio-Video Marketing Tools BUNDLED With a Road Map to Use It
5 Easy to Use Video and Audio Online Broadcasting and Marketing Tools
FREE Training with Weekly Videos and Emails Keeping You on Track Monthly LIVE Webinars
Friendly and Easy to Follow Online Video Tutorials
In-depth and regularly updated discussion forum and blog
Use the awesome power of video and audio to increase the effectiveness of your follow-up and customer retention easily and inexpensively. Ensure top of mind recall with prospects and customers
Coming Soon
Mobile Video Broadcasting
Live Video and Audio Broadcasting
“Video is fast replacing text-only websites, email and brochures. Compelling images coupled with the right language hits the right emotional hot-buttons and delivers the message you want heard and seen the exact way, the right way, each and every time." - Shay Schwartzman
Shay My Video and Audio coaching brings my customers’ products or services to the forefront of their intended audience. I work to set you apart from your competition using video and audio. I use my expertise in video, direct sales and information marketing, gained from working in this business since 1992, to craft the right message using the right medium to reach the right audience.

I hold monthly LIVE Webinars and write regularly on Video Marketing and effective uses of Video, Audio and Multimedia on As a Done 4 You Video and Audio Broadcasting and Marketing System subscriber, you have full access to all of my and ‘s training.

GPS Your Online GPS and Video Coaching INCLUDES using Video,
Audio and the Done 4 You System to:
Improve Retention by 300% of Your Unique Selling Proposition and Product Offerings
Drive Traffic to Your Website and KEEP People Coming Back
Encourage Consumer Behavior
Increase Awareness of Your USP and Consumer Benefits
Become a “Household Name” in Your Community by ensuring TOP-OF-MIND RECALL
Increase the Effectiveness of your Follow-Up, Easily and Inexpensively
Reach out to your prospects and customers to inform, entertain and compel them to take action.
Get the right information out to your prospects and customers Online, Offline and through Social Media.
Make Greater Impact and Cut Through the Marketing Clutter of Other Real Estate Agent Advertising in Your Market
Increase Response Rates by 30%
INCRESE Office Productivity with Online Video Training
Easily and Cost Effectively get more prospective customers to contact YOU.
Improve Your Bottom Line
Quicker Return on Investment
What Successful Done 4 You Online Video and Audio Broadcasting System Users Have to Say
 Bob Cenk

"If major corporations are using video and multimedia, Why shouldn't I? I use The Done 4 You Video and Audio Broadcasting System to differentiate myself from the competition. This turnkey system is easy to replicate and effective."

Bob Cenk, real estate agent
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Here’s the BEST NEWS – Get Started Now with your 60 Day Trial of the Done 4 You Video and Audio Marketing System For ONLY $1.00 FREE ROADMAP FOR USING IT QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY.
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Who can benefit from Online Video and Audio Marketing?
See if you are one of these professionals or in a similar business or industry
Sales Professionals
Insurance Brokers and Agents
Real Estate Agents and Brokers
Small Business Owners
Marketing and Advertising Companies
Membership-type businesses
Franchise Owners and Franchisors
Health Care Professionals
Financial Services Reps
Human Resource Departments
Media Traffic
Video Production and New Media Companies
Web Developers
Travel Agents
Clubs and Associations
Home-based Business Owners
National and Local TV advertisers
Audio and Video Content Producers
Anyone who has an Online Presence
If a picture says 1,000 words, well video and audio “say it” better
Consider these statistics
People Remember…
10% of what they read
20% of what they hear
30% of what they see
50% of what they see AND hear together
55% of message meaning is derived from facial expression
38% of a message meaning is derived from gestures and body language.
Because of This...
Response rates increase – Up to 30%
Message retention improves
There is uniformity of message
What This Means For You...
Shorter Sales Cycle
Increased Prospect Speed to Market
Quicker Return on Investment
Danielle Miller on The Done 4 You Ultimate Video Sales and Training Center™
Danielle Miller

"In a few minutes the outline of our business is there and what we can do for people. You walk in and meet with the customer; 9 out of 10 times I don’t have to do a full presentation. Online, customers can see what my team and I have to offer. It saves a lot of time!"

Danielle Miller

To sum it all up, here’s what your get:
1. $1.00 Access to ALL the Done 4 You Video
and Audio Broadcast tools – including:
The Done 4 You WEBTV™ Video Site (Your Own Branded YouTube Clone Site and Video Broadcast Center)
Done 4 You Personal PLUS Video Follow Up System™
The Done 4 You Ultimate Video Sales and Training Center™
Done 4 You Online Radio Podcasting™
EZ Stream Video-on-Demand™
2. Online Video Tutorials to Get You Started
3. Training and Technical Support
4. Monthly webinars on Effective and Profitable Video Marketing Some of the topics we cover
How to create your Audio and Video Content
How to Use video for Lead Generation, Follow Up, Conversion, Retention
The Tools of the Video Trade for the Do-It-Yourselfer
Copywriting Secrets for Profitable Video
How to Get Your Video Seen and Your Audio Heard
Squeeze page opt-in videos – the benefits of directing action on your website/landing page.
Lead generation on YouTube/Tube Mogul, etc
The Power of VideoEmail for follow-up and retention
WebTV / Video Portals and Video Websites – Keep your prospects and customers coming back for more
Video Blogging
Video and Audio Podcasting
Adding Video to Your Webinar or Teleseminar
Webcasting Your Bootcamps, Seminars and Other Training for Extra $$$’s
Video for your membership sites
5. Interactive Online Discussion Forums
6. Weekly Blogs
7. Ticketed Email and Live chat support
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Get Started Now with your 60 Day Trial of the Done 4 You Video and Audio Marketing System For ONLY $1.00 FREE ROADMAP FOR USING IT QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY
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What Successful Done 4 You Online Video and Audio Broadcasting System Users Have to Say

"With VideoEmail, many of my prospects don’t interview other agents or fight me on commission"

For very short dollars, it’s a great system to improve your conversion rate. When I go in on an appointment and they’ve watched the VideoEmails, many have decided that I am the Realtor for them. There is no reason for them to interview other agents or fight me on commission. !"

Warren Flax, real estate agent
Langhome, Pennsylvania

Thank you for reading this report and I look forward to working with you to make video and audio profitable for you this year!
Shay Signature
Shay Schwartzman
Co-Founder and President
PS – Right now is your opportunity to get started quickly and effectively with Online Video. Discover the secrets of the top internet marketers with our Done 4 You Online Video and Audio Broadcast System Online Video and Audio Broadcast System Roadmap, included with all Done 4 You Video and Audio System packages.

PPS – If you are not fully, 100% satisfied, cancel anytime during your $1.00 - 60 Day Trial and pay nothing else. No contracts, no set up fees, cancel at anytime.

PPPS – Learn how the Done 4 You Online Video and Audio Broadcast System will vault your business to the next level with proven Online Video and Audio systems that not only show you what to do but how to do it successfully.

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